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Derek has a diverse athletic background, including football, basketball, grappling, and Muay Thai. He attended West Chester University for Exercise Science and Nutrition. His studies have given him an in-depth understanding of the bio-mechanics and exercise physiology elements of CrossFit, and their application to the functional movements across broad domains of fitness.

      Derek’s interest in and knowledge of nutrition – particularly as it relates to athletics – is invaluable to his training at Hardbat CrossFit. Derek understands that health and fitness extend beyond the workout and into everyday life. Diet is an important part of the equation, and Derek is always available to discuss the best ways to incorporate healthy eating with a CrossFit lifestyle.

Operations Manager

 Jarvis Barnes CF-L1. He began his journey as a CrossFit Coach in August of 2012.  

​After coming back home from attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Jarvis found CrossFit as an avenue to help others achieve their goals, attack life, and help change the world.

​Besides being a musical director and professional percussionist, he enjoys being a part of every athletes’ personal journey of achieving their goals.

​Jarvis is an extremely passionate coach, loves striving for excellence, and is always looking forward to seeing each and every member of the HB family grow!  Through corrective training, he aims to enhance the lives of his clients while building a sense of confidence and awareness.


 Chris Killian's athletic background stems from football which he started at 6 years old and continued through college at Bridgewater College as a defensive back and at the pro level with the Indoor Football League. 

​After football, he continued to working out because he loved to train but was growing bored. A friend suggested CrossFit thinking it would be a natural fit.

Chris started CrossFit in November of 2014 and immediately fell in love with the challenge it presented everyday.  ​It also filled the void that football had left. He dove right in headfirst and hasn't looked back since.  ​Chris competed on the 7th place overall Mid-Atlantic regional team from Hardbat CrossFit in 2014. Also, placed 3rd at the 2014 Beast of the East competition as an individual.

Casey Niemela

I began my CrossFit journey in 2013 at Hardbat CrossFit when I was running distance, lifting on my own, and almost ready to graduate with a bachelor of science from the University of Delaware Athletic Training Program. It took no time for me to fall in love with the whole CrossFit community. Upon graduating and moving to the University of South Carolina for my master of science in athletic training, I was able to make my CrossFit family and experience a little bigger. After accepting a job to be the athletic trainer for C. Milton Wright High School in Bel Air, MD, I was welcomed back by my Hardbat family with strong open arms. I then got my Level 1 Trainer’s Certification and began coaching some crazy, awesome Hardbat athletes in May 2016. With a background in athletic training, I have an excellent knowledge base of anatomy and physiology and prevention, evaluation, and treatment of athletic injuries.

Laura Dipaolo 
HB BootCamp instructor

Growing up a competitive figure skater, health and fitness were a huge part of my life. We had Pilates class, ballet class, edge class, plyometrics training, spin lessons, jumping lessons, you name it, we had it. I started skating the day I learned to walk and when those days came to an end I felt lost. I was long distance running when I found CrossFit and I immediately knew it was where I belonged. The sense of community Hardbat offers is exactly what I was looking for. 

I discovered my passion for teaching while coaching figure skating. I love watching my students grow and helping them reach their goals. I am consistently looking for new ways to encourage my students and find the best coaching techniques that work for them. 

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CrossFit was originally designed as a fitness program to help people become more fit. This fitness program has now evolved into a sport, which now allows athletes to compete at various levels.  Your coach should be programming and striving for your personal goals.  ​ It’s very important that you both are on the same page to achieve for the same goal.​


Your trainer should have at least his/her CF-L1 certification. A trainer having some CrossFit specialty courses along with other various certifications will make them more knowledgeable and better equipped to help you.  Sometimes your trainer may not have all the answers, which is okay, but they should be smart enough to know where to find the answer​.


This person should be reliable and accessible.  While you’re at the Box, your coach should be around to monitor what you are doing.  They should be making sure you’re using the proper weights, assessing your technique, tracking your progress, etc.
​Trust them to always have your best interest at heart.


We all have plenty of friends that will tell us what we want to hear. Your trainer will tell you what you need to hear. A trainer tells you “NO”, A trainer tells you “You're messing up” a trainer will tell you “you need to step it up.”

​And a trainer will also high-five you and tell you “you’re amazing and keep it!" ​

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Beginner COurse

  • Includes 2 classes
  • Led by a Certified CrossFit Coach
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$185/month - $6/day

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